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Creativity with a clear message. 

Original imagery for every occasion. Let’s work together to design something great to show off your business, event, blog, or adventure! 

PowerPoint Editing








Advertising?  Fundraiser?  Wedding?  Family Reunion?  Sports team?

I can work with you to create a thoughtful design for whatever occasion arises. I've created t-shirts for school fundraisers, displays for jewelry, all manner of print needs for weddings and events, completed handmade projects, and more. Your idea brought to fruition!

You’ve got a PowerPoint presentation? I’ll make it shine.

Send your PowerPoint draft over and I'll maneuver your content to make it clean and clear. Not all minds think alike when it comes to the layout and spatial organization of the information within a presentation...I can help.


If you have corporate design guidelines to adhere to I have experience with that, too.

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